Do most people travel with a friend?
No, most travellers on our trips do not know anyone when they arrive. Some travellers do choose to sigh up with one or two friends to share the experience, but most travellers are coming to meet new people and extend their tribe. By the end of the first day you won’t even realise you left home alone.
Is travelling on your own scary?
Stress less – you won’t really be on your own. Everyone else on the trip will be in the same boat as you and you’ll quickly make friends. After our trips, students tell us that the other “strangers” on their program have become life-long BFFs. Think of this as an incredible opportunity to meet new people and have a once-in-a-lifetime experience shared with epic new friends!
Can I travel in the same group as my friends?
Totally! Make sure you let us know your friend's name at the time of booking to ensure we place you in the same group. Sweet as.
Can I set up a private group from my school?
Fo shizzle, get in touch with us and we will chat you through how it works. You can even choose from one of Infuse Travel other 19 destinations if there is another location you are dreaming about. DOPE!
Why aren’t flights included?
Freedom and money (2 of my favourite words). Rather than including flights in the price, we will send a recommended flight itinerary from each major city. Travellers can book themselves onto those flights if they want to or they can book different flights as long as they arrive in-country within the arrival time window. We will be here to help you through this process, don’t stress! Instant online flight purchases are now a lot cheaper than group bookings and we want to pass those savings onto you. You are welcome, we know every dollar counts when you’re a teenager! We also want you to have the freedom to extend your stay before or after the Schoolies Reimagined trip or fly straight to another paradise. We have taught you how to be a real traveller, now the world is your oyster!!
Who will my leaders be?
You’ll have a combination of legendary Aussie guides and superstar local guides from your destination country. All our trip leaders go through an extensive vetting process as well as rigorous training to ensure that they have all the skills necessary to show you an incredible time and keep you safe while doing so. Trust us when we say these are some of the coolest cats around and they’ll make your Schoolies Reimagined unforgettable in the best way possible.
What will our Leader do?
Your Aussie and local leaders will meet you at the airport and help you get around while on the trip. They’re fun, easy to communicate with and ensure each and every trip runs smoothly and safely. The only thing you will need to worry about is what souvenir you’re going to get for grandma!
How much does it cost?
Each program is different, click on the trip you are interested in to see the exact price!
What is Included?
Schoolies Reimagined trips include all activities listed in the itinerary (except the few optional Activities), accommodation, transport, service project materials, meals, the most down to earth Aussie and local leaders, safety backup, pre-departure support and Schoolies Reimagined party shirt.
I’m 18. Am I allowed to drink?
Nope, but we promise you won’t even miss it. Our programs are 100% drug and alcohol free, mainly because it’s too difficult to participate in and enjoy all the awesome activities we have planned for you if you’re hungover. We receive a lot of feedback that our trips are so jam-packed, exciting, immersive and fun that you don’t even realise there isn’t alcohol involved. If you’re looking for a ‘party’ trip rather than a once in a lifetime travel opportunity, we respectfully suggest that you look elsewhere.
What if ‘Rona is still around and travel restrictions aren’t lifted by the time I’m due to travel?
We understand the current uncertainty on booking travel. That’s why we’re offering a risk-free booking guarantee on our Schoolies Reimagined trips for 2022! Cancel for any reason, any time, up to 60 days prior to departure and receive 100% cashback INCLUDING YOUR DEPOSIT! If restrictions change within those 60 days and you can no longer travel to your chosen destination you will also receive 100% cashback! WOW we really are looking out for you!
I’d like to do some fundraising to help lower the cost of my trip. Can you assist?
Yes! Just like everything else we have you covered. We’ve put together a useful guide to help you out with fundraising. Please contact us for a copy.
What kind of accommodation will we be staying in?
Schoolies Reimagined travellers stay in some pretty unique, sweet digs. Whether it be a floating house in Cambodia, our private eco lodge in Fiji, cabins right on the beach along the Australian coast or in a tent under the stars in the Himalayan Mountains, you’re sure to have fond memories of the accommodation on our trips. The majority of the accommodation will be bunk style and have comfy sleeping mats, with fresh sheets, blankets and pillows all provided. You will only share a room with other Schoolies Reimagined tribe members of the same sex. We will let you know exactly what you will need to bring as a few of our programs require you to bring your own sleeping bag.
Who else will be on my trip?
You will be in a group of 12 - 20ish likeminded school leavers from across Australia.
Can I keep travelling after the trip finishes?
No-prob-lemo!!! That is exactly why flights are not included so you have all the freedom in the world. Our legendary team of travelling staff can even give you information and tips on where you are heading next!
What type of project will I do?
Projects vary from destination to destination. However, all our programs provide direct support for education, infrastructure development, conservation, and other community development. Schoolies Reimagined trips are run by Infuse Travel who develop long-term plans that address high-priority community needs. Check out our programs and the wide range of community service projects here. The community service projects are always a major highlight for our travellers.
What about travel insurance?
Yes, comprehensive insurance is compulsory for all our overseas trips. In the event of injury or illness, we will take care of your well-being; however, the traveller and their family are responsible for all expenses incurred for medical treatment and services received. Travellers should carry their insurance information while travelling on Schoolies Reimagined trips. We partner with Covermore to offer our families with an optional Travel Protection Plan (which includes primary medical coverage) for those who choose to purchase it.
What do I need to pack?
We’ll give you a comprehensive packing list prior to departure. There shouldn’t be any major purchases needed so you can save those cents to spend on awesome souvenirs!
How much money do I need to bring?
You don’t need much money once you are on the trip as it is all-inclusive. We recommend $100-300 depending on how many souvenirs and snacks you would like to buy. We will let you know at the pre departure meeting if there are any optional activities and how much they will cost, so you have plenty of time to budget.
How do I book extra activities?
Your legendary leaders will help you organise any extra activities that may be on offer once on the ground. They will let you know at the start of the trip how much they are and when they can be done. However, keep in mind the majority of the activities are included in the price!
How much luggage can I bring?
Leave the kitchen sink at home!! We recommend you bring nothing bigger than a 70L backpack or duffle bag. You will be moving around a lot so the lighter the better. Most international flights allow a 20kg checked bag and 7kg carry on. Please check with the airline you choose to fly with.
Do I need a visa?
Fiji & New Zealand - AU/NZ Passport holders don’t require visas, however any other nationality should check with their consulate Nepal - AU/NZ Passport holders will receive a visa on arrival for approximately $30USD Cambodia - AU/NZ Passport holders will require visas, obtained via consulate or online visa application. Visas can also be granted on arrival, but we advise doing it prior. Fiji - AU/NZ Passport holders don’t require a visa as they can get a visa on arrival provided they have a passport with 6 months validity and a return or onward ticket.
Is there Wi-Fi?
We’re gonna be real with you here. What’s the point of going to these amazing destinations if you’re just gonna be on your phone the whole time? Disconnect from technology and reconnect with the people and world around you. Don’t worry we will let mum and dad know you are ok and loving life! Access to wifi and phone service varies from program to program and country to country. Our programs abroad will only have limited access and travellers need to come ready to disconnect.
How do I pay for my trip?
Payment of your trip can be made via credit card or bank transfer through our online portal. We will provide you with a payment plan so you can keep up and not have to fork out a large amount at once.
Do I need a power adaptor?
New Zealand and Fiji - No adapter is needed, Fiji/NZ will use the same power points as found in AU. Nepal - In Nepal the power plugs and sockets are of type C, D and M. Type C will fit majority of sockets Cambodia - They accept both Type A and C. But we recommend Type A as they sit a bit better.