Do I need to be from QLD to participate in this program?

Nope, all students from any state (even across the ditch) are welcome on any of our schoolies programs.

Do my parents need to be there to drop me off?

You’re an adult now so you can save yourself the embarrassing kiss goodbye from mum in front of your new friends. As long as all forms are finalised before departure we don’t need an official hand over from the rents unless they would like to come and meet your legendary leaders.

Do most people travel with a friend?

No, most students on our programs do not know anyone when they arrive. Some students do choose to travel with one or two friends to share the experience, but most students are coming to meet new people and extend their tribe. By the end of the first day you won’t even realise you left home alone.

Is travelling on your own scary?

Stressless – you won’t really be on your own. Everyone else on the program will be in the same boat as you and you’ll quickly make friends. After our trips, students tell us that the other “strangers” on their program have become life-long BFFs. Think of this as an incredible opportunity to meet new people and have a once-in-a-lifetime experience shared with epic new friends!

Can I travel in the same group as my friends?

Totally! Make sure you let us know your friend's name at the time of booking to ensure we place you in the same group. Sweet as.

Who will my leaders be?

Your leaders will be the most down to earth legendary Australians. They eat, breathe and sleep travel! We handpick only the best in the outdoor education, travel and teaching field. These legends are experts in working with young people, are highly trained in wilderness first aid and take safety very seriously while still knowing how to have fun. Some of these troopers have over 30 trips under their belts! You are going to come home saying ‘I hope I’m that cool one day’!

What will our Leader do?

Your Aussie leaders will meet you at the airport and help you get around while on the trip. They’re fun, easy to communicate with and ensure each and every trip runs smoothly and safely. The only thing you will need to worry about is what souvenir you’re going to get for grandma!

What is Included?

Schoolies Reimagined trips include all activities listed in the itinerary (except the few optional Activities), accommodation, transport, service project materials, meals, the most down to earth Aussie and local leaders, safety backup, pre-departure support and Schoolies Reimagined party shirt.

I’m 18. Am I allowed to drink?

Nope, but we promise you won’t even realise. Our programs are 100% drug and alcohol free. We receive a lot of feedback that our trips are so jam packed and immersive that you don’t even realise there isn’t alcohol involved. If you’re looking for a ‘party’ trip rather than a once in a lifetime travel opportunity, we respectfully suggest that you look elsewhere.

Who else will be on my trip?

You will be in a group of 12 - 20ish likeminded school leavers from across Australia.

What do I need to pack?

We’ll give you a comprehensive packing list prior to departure. There shouldn’t be any major purchases needed so you can save up those pennies!

How do I book extra activities?

Your legendary leaders will help you organise any extra activities that may be on offer once on the ground. They will let you know at the start of the trip how much they are and when they can be done. However, keep in mind the majority of the activities are included in the price!